“Suffix Policing” Trademarks in the Social Networking Era

Spurred on by the explosion in social networking, there appears to be an interesting trend by certain trademark owners to stretch the boundaries of “likelihood of confusion” under U.S. trademark law. Facebook has taken issue with online teacher community Teachbook, which has escalated into litigation, and its well-publicized bout with Lamebook has resulted in Lamebook filing a pre-emptive declaratory action (prompting an interesting knee-jerk reaction from Facebook from which they later backtracked). Facebook’s aggressive trademark policing tactics even induced online location-based service Placebook to change its name (er…pronunciation…can you say “Placéboök”?) It’s easy to see the underlying theme here – Facebook seems to believe that its “-book” suffix is highly distinct in the online world.

Tiffany Feeling Blue: SCOTUS Denies Certiorari in eBay case

Well, a long a protracted legal battle between Tiffany & Co. and eBay over the sale of counterfeit goods through eBay’s online auction site has come to an end that has Tiffany feeling at least as blue as its trademark color.  This past Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) denied certiorari to […]

Beyond VeRO: Using eBay’s Tools and Policies to a Rights Owner’s Advantage

Few would argue that the Internet has facilitated game-changing means and avenues for advertising, promotion and distribution of merchandise to the consumer.   Fewer still would argue that the electronic marketplace hasn’t been a boon for the attendant distribution of counterfeit and gray-market goods.   For eBay, the online auction giant, this problem has forced it to […]

Domain Name “Typosquatting” and Your Brand…

This small article was published today in the SupplierSource newsletter, an online newsletter published by the Direct Selling Association: “Typosquatting” and Your Brand: Harvesting the Fruits of Another’s Domain For direct selling companies that have invested the time and expense in developing and maintaining their online presence, many may be surprised by a stealthy online […]

Where the Grass Appears Greener in Another URL…

There was an article published in FoxNews.com that sheds light on the need for a viable domain name strategy when your business has an online presence. Apparently, a grade-school education site owner, Peter Vavak, created an educational website under the URL “newsbowl.com” to assist teachers in keeping their students abreast of current events in engaging […]