Zediva…The Closing of a Copyright “Loophole” That Didn’t Exist

UPDATE:  Well…it seems as though that little “loophole” that start-up movie service Zediva was relying on for their business model may not be big enough to fit it. As you may recall from my previous posting here, Zediva launched on online movie rental service a few moths ago to compete with Netflix and others.  Zediva […]

UPDATE: Skin in the Game: Copyrights, Tattoos and Another Hangover

Well, it seems that I didn’t even get a chance to finish the bucket of popcorn on this interesting case before Warner Brothers and the plaintiff, tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill, settled their dispute involving the use of a tribal tattoo identical to one on the face of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson on […]

Skin in the Game: Copyrights, Tattoos and Another Hangover

Many an American has endured the pain of waking up the morning after a night of epic drinking – usually of the collegiate variety – only to discover that their throbbing in the head is not the only painful remnant of their hedonistic excess. Only in Hollywood, however, can this type of situation be elevated to fine art.In The Hangover, Part II, Stu (anchored by Ed Helms of television’s The Office fame) apparently awakens from his slumber to discover he has a tattoo on his face – not just any tattoo, but a tribal tattoo identical to one that adorns the face of Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion (who also appeared in the original movie, The Hangover). Story arcs aside, the use of the tattoo on the character Stu in the sequel has stirred up a hornets nest of controversy that goes to the heart of copyright rights and fair use.

Zediva: Streaming Through a Copyright Loophole in the Digital Domain?

Recently, an online movie rental service called Zediva launched to some interesting controversy. Basically, Zediva allows a registered user to rent and view movies online as soon as they’re available on DVD. Take that, Amazon, Netflix and iTunes…right? Well, not exactly…