Lines in the Sand: Handling a Trademark Bully on the Digital Playground

Unlike the seemingly never-ending Texas heat this past summer, at least the temperature of one dispute has cooled down (if not completely cooled off).  On or about August 25, 2011, Facebook apparently settled its ongoing trademark dispute with parody site Lamebook (although I am sure Facebook does not legally agree with the “parody” characterization).  As […]

RePost: Is Your Brand in Jeopardy in the Social Media World?

I recently had the privilege of being asked to write a guest post for The World of Direct Selling blog hosted by Hakki Ozmorali, a co-founder of the Turkish DSA (direct selling association) and a direct selling consultant in Turkey through his consulting firm, DS Consultancy – an approved service provider of the European Direct […]

Domain Name “Typosquatting” and Your Brand…

This small article was published today in the SupplierSource newsletter, an online newsletter published by the Direct Selling Association: “Typosquatting” and Your Brand: Harvesting the Fruits of Another’s Domain For direct selling companies that have invested the time and expense in developing and maintaining their online presence, many may be surprised by a stealthy online […]

Where the Grass Appears Greener in Another URL…

There was an article published in that sheds light on the need for a viable domain name strategy when your business has an online presence. Apparently, a grade-school education site owner, Peter Vavak, created an educational website under the URL “” to assist teachers in keeping their students abreast of current events in engaging […]