Dear President Trump: 3 Recommendations To “Help Make America’s IP Great Again”…

Given the recent inauguration of our 45th president, I have found myself wondering about the incoming administration and how it will fare given the multitude of issues it must face. While large swaths of the population believe that President Trump will make good on his many campaign promises, many Americans harbor questions about the policies […]

Light at the End of the Rabbit Hole: 3 Reasons Why the Enfish Ruling Matters to Your Patent Portfolio Strategy

If your company has expended valuable capital in obtaining patents involving computer technology, then by now you likely familiar with the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision in Alice v. CLS Bank in 2014 and how it has devastated software patent portfolios in the U.S. You see, under Section 101 of the Patent Act. “whoever invents […]