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As a practicing attorney with industry experience in both technology and entertainment, I discovered over years of practicing in the field of intellectual property law that the nature of intellectual property rights and their commensurate impact on clients’ businesses were consistently either under-appreciated or misunderstood.  This is understandable – the inchoate nature of these rights, combined with the constantly evolving nature of the subject matter, does not lend itself to easy interpretation, let alone explanation.  There is no lack of information on virtually every element of intellectual property law on the web, but providing meaningful context to such rights in the available content I found to be more the exception, rather than the rule.

At its core, is a weblog designed to help make the legally intangible more intelligible.   The writings presented in it are my thoughts and musings on a vast array of topics in intellectual property law.  It will address not only on interesting court cases, but current events and developments touching upon the world of legal intangibles which I hope are translated to the reader in an informative, engaging and entertaining way.  The intent is not to reflect an academic exercise in the finer points of intellectual property law, but rather, to address the inevitable impact intangible rights have in our daily lives in a practical manner —  whether that be individually or on the balance sheets of your business.  It is a blog by a lawyer, but not specifically targeted to lawyers.   In addition to in-house counsel and my colleagues in private practice,  I welcome everyone from the seasoned corporate executive to the curious onlooker to participate in what I hope will be a worthwhile experience.   Your time is valuable, and I hope you will find your interaction with this blog time well spent.

That said, I hope that you enjoy these posts and that this blog opens up a more tangible understanding of intellectual property in an increasingly intangible world.

Tom K.

Touching upon intangible rights in an intelligible way™