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Technology is a part of the lifeblood of virtually every business today. More than ever before, businesses need a lawyer who understands both business AND technology. Tom Kulik is rapidly becoming a leading technology lawyer and commentator as a Partner in Scheef & Stone, L.L.P., based in the firm’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas. As a former computer systems engineer, he has developed a unique understanding of how technology and intellectual property assets influence business. Navigating the increasingly turbulent waters churned by the intersection of law, business and technology, he is a trusted outside counsel to businesses, helping clients maximize the value of the intellectual capital they know they have, and unlock the ideas and technology they have yet to uncover.

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Areas of Practice

As a business and technology lawyer, Tom’s practice spans a wide range of practice areas that span the intersection of law, business and technology. Whether your business is a funded startup seeking to grow beyond its seed capital, or a Fortune 500 business in need of targeted expertise, Tom’s experience and practical approach make him a formidable outside counsel for your business. Additionally, Scheef & Stone, L.L.P. offers a full suite of commercial legal services. Visit www.solidcounsel.com to learn more.

Technology Transactions

With intellectual property comprising a significant portion of corporate assets, the development, protection, licensing and disposition of such assets has become a paramount concern to corporations. As a former award-winning computer systems engineer, Tom has extensive experience in the evaluation, acquisition, development and protection of intellectual property portfolios, helping clients structure, negotiate, document and close […]

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Cloud Computing & Information Technology

The lower costs of microprocessing power and memory capacity combined with ever-growing telecommunications capabilities have shifted the decades-old paradigm for computing infrastructure from brick-and-mortar into the ‘cloud”. Navigating the legal considerations involving cloud-based platforms and services, however, requires a unique understanding of their operation and the various laws governing them. As a regular speaker and […]

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Internet, E-Commerce & Social Media

The advent of social media and its explosion on the Internet has introduced novel challenges to companies both online and offline. From mobile device applications to the acquisition, handling and disclosure of personal information derived from behavioral marketing, Tom regularly assists companies in leveraging their Internet and social media presence to maximize its potential while […]

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Data Security & Privacy

With increased technological capability comes increased responsibility for the protection of data from unauthorized access and use. In fact, the security of corporate and personal information from internal and external threats has never been more paramount. Leveraging his technology background, Tom works with a team of colleagues and outside experts in a multidisciplinary approach to […]

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Trademarks & Branding

When protecting, and maintaining your brand both online and offline, you need an experienced practitioner that is skilled, knowledgeable, and who understand the steps companies need to take to protect their brand identity. With over 20 years of trademark experience, Tom provides a full service trademark practice, from initial clearance of trademarks to the filing […]

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Entertainment content is no longer limited to traditional media – it is rapidly expanding into new and evolving digital outlets. From legacy print and broadcast outlets to cutting-edge streaming media providers, Tom has experience assisting corporate and celebrity clients in bringing original or licensed content to the digital and mobile marketplace, whether through traditional media […]

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Latest Posts

Light at the End of the Rabbit Hole: 3 Reasons Why the Enfish Ruling Matters to Your Patent Portfolio Strategy

If your company has expended valuable capital in obtaining patents involving computer technology, then by now you likely familiar with the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision in Alice v. CLS Bank in 2014 and how it has devastated software patent portfolios in the U.S. You see, under Section 101 of the Patent Act. “whoever invents […]

PRESS: “More Than Meets the iOS” Post Republished in the July Issue of the Texas Bar Journal

I feel truly blessed that the Texas Bar Journal sought to reprint my first blog post this year in their July Issue! My original post set forth my observations about the Apple/FBI standoff and where it was leading – in a direction that is eye-opening to say the least.  I am humbled that the Texas […]

“Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain”: Security, Privacy and E-Discovery Issues in Cloud Computing

Below is my presentation on some of the legal issues in cloud computing, updated from my  presentation on the topic 3 years ago, with a bent towards e-discovery and electronically stored information (ESI) in the “cloud”.  This presentation was well received by the Collin County Bar Association’s Litigation Section, very interactive when presented and an […]

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